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HISTORY OF ROCK MUSIC(english version of sejarah musik rock dunia

Rock music was developed from the original Mississippi Blues music in America, and one of the prominent players in the early days of his birth is a guitarist Jimi Hendrix
His career is very short trip, but his name has a very long reverberations. Even to this day. He is Jimi Hendrix. He was not until 28 years old, but still revered despite 30 years he died. Born in King Country Hospital, Seattle, Washington on November 27, 1942. With a name Johnny Allen Hendricks. He was the eldest son Alex Hendricks pair of African-Americans of Mexico and Lucille, a Cherokee Indian. The name is given by his mother, who later changed by the father to be James Marshall Hendrix Hendricks at the age of 4 years. Her parents later split up when Jimi was three years old.

Alex who works as a sweeper, his family with difficulty. Little Jimi would often help his father sweep, and with a broom that he first styled like a guitarist. He often duckwalk mimicked typical Chuck Berry. The father had often watched his son.

In 1952, when 10-year-old Jamie, his mother died. This makes it pretty hard and Jimi became a morose child. Alex as a devout religious believers, taught him to be brave. He often took Jamie to the church and joined in the chorus. But it was apparently not enough to cheer Jamie.

Because sorry to see Jamie who never stopped grieving, his father bought Jimi a acoustic guitar as a birthday present to-12. Guitar was bought from a friend of his father's worth 5 dollars. Guitar strings and then reversed the order by Jimi left-handed, so he can play his guitar with his left hand plucking the strings, while the right to dance on the fretboard.

By playing the guitar, Jimi began to forget the pain left her. Moreover, three months later, Jimi bought back a Supro Ozark electric guitar by Alex 160S. Exploration of the music became more widespread with the guitar and Jimi formed his first band Velvetone.

Throughout adolescence continue practicing Jimi's guitar playing. He got expelled from school Garfield High School because of the stubbornness ceweq disturbing. After dropping out of school, he could even more concentrated to help his father. And of course he has more time to mengulik guitar.

Jimi had a penchant for listening to the album's well-known blues musicians like BB King, Elmore James and Muddy Waters, or the rock n 'rollers like Chuck Berry and Eddie Cochran. The song 'Rock And Roll Music' by Chuck Berry, including the songs most often sung Hendrix. Even then B.B. King paid tribute to him by perpetuating the name of Hendrix's mother, Lucille Gibsonnya on guitar.
Sign Military

Jimi began a career in music in 1960, when he became a member of a band called the Rocking Kings, and started performing at the venue around Seattle. Although already attracted the attention of music lovers, he seemed not able to show its totality, because a year later he even got drafted and joined the army at Fort Ord, California.

Then he placed the 101st Airborne Paratroopers at Fort Campbell, Kentucky as an army parachutist. When he met here with Billy Cox, a black bass player who is respected among blues musicians at the time. They had played in the band class.

Due to ankle injury while jumping to the 26th time, Hendrix was then asked to leave class. Lessons from this incident as later stated --- --- Hendrix is he so does not need to participate in the Vietnam war that erupted a few years later. That's when he returned to join with former friends and formed his band Bob Fisher & The Barnevilles. They later became the opening band for some musicians to tour the U.S. before Hendrix then moved to Vancouver, Canada.

In 1963, Hendrix moved back to Tennessee, and Elvis Presley in this village, he played with a series of top name when it was like Little Richard, Hank Ballard and The Supremes. He also follow-up on his two singles Lonnie Youngblood. Unfortunately, he did not have time to make cooperation with Elvis. But he often displays the hits from the king, who is the 'Hound Dog' and even had time to also record it. Of course with his own version of the full scream and growl, especially in the chorus it.

Feel less able to develop his career, Hendrix moved again and this time to New York. In the Big Apple, he played with the Isley brothers, the year 1964, including for recording in the studio. He also collaborated with soul singer Curtis Knight.

Knight later wrote the song 'Ballad Of Jimi', written in 1965, after Jamie told him that he (Jimi) would die in five years. That year was also a member of the band's Hendrix Little Richard companion and often around in the stages around New York, one of which is the Paramount Theater.

As a musician supporters, of course, can not expose Hendrix guitar playing abilities to the fullest. Even Little Richard had told him to remove his clothes which was considered too obvious. And replace it with clothes that had already been prepared for the musician accompaniment.

Being the second person Hendrix certainly hope not. Can not self-assertive and a small fee depressed. One time he walked with his girlfriend Jeannette Jacobs, he pointed to the nice clothes in the window of a shop. He said the Jeannette, "If I'm famous, I'll buy you dress like that." Jeannette smiled, not sure it will come true. Since it was Jimi itself only has two shirts, two pants and a pair of battered shoes.

In the following year 1966, Hendrix began to discover the real identity. He built his own band, Jimmy James & The Blue Flames. When playing at Café Wha? in Greenwich Village, New York in June, his appearance admired by Linda Keith. Linda's boyfriend Rolling Stones guitarist, Keith Richards was soon mempertemukannya with British bassist The Animals, Chas Chandler. Chandler also is proposing to change the name Hendricks Hendrix. He then took Hendrix to develop his career in London.

To England? Where the guitar champion? Hendrix had hesitated. Besides Keith Richards, the British entrenched the great guitarists like George Harrison (The Beatles), Pete Townsend (The Who) and three dropout Yardbirds guitarists: Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton (Cream). Hendrix inferior to meet with Richards and others. But Chandler told he wants to also meet with Clapton.

"There is no problem with Richards," said Chandler. "Her boyfriend myself recommending you," he added. "And if Clapton hear you play, then he wants to meet you." Chandler convinced Hendrix. And although it took five weeks to think, he finally agreed. So, after taking care of a variety of purposes, both set off to London.

Arriving in London on September 24, 1966, Hendrix, who was still in doubt, asked Chandler to his cafe zoot Money. In the cafe, which is where the musicians were hanging out, Hendrix had a chance to jam session with local musicians. Finally --- after playing about two hours --- Hendrix found his confidence and feel will fit a career in the UK.

Chandler then took Hendrix around from one place to another place. He is quite popular with The Animals, many familiar with the musicians and club owners. This helped Jimi got a chance to perform. Blaises place in the club to play Hendrix, he was seen by Johnny Hallyday then a top singer in France. He then negotiated with the Chandler discuss possible cooperation. Finally obtained the agreement, will open the concert Hendrix Johnny. But Hendrix had to have his own band.

In London, Chandler and Hendrix get two 'guards' tough on drums and bass positions. He heard that the drummer Mitch Mitchell (born John Mitchell, June 9, 1947) out of Georgie Fame's Blue Flames. So Mitchell direkrutlah fill these positions. Live bass pembetot position still vacant.

At that moment, Noel Redding (born David Redding, December 25, 1945) who auditioned for a guitarist for The Animals, was offered a bassist with Hendrix. Because the position of guitarist in The Animals has been filled, and realize the competition as a guitar player too tight, he agreed to be a bass player and accept the offer.

Mitchell is a little actors for TV ads, before deciding to become a musician at the time of adolescence. He loved the drumming of Buddy Rich and Gene Kruppa. While Redding that art school dropout, has played with the Modern Jazz Group and the Loving Kind. In September this new real Hendrix follow-up changed his name from Jimmy to be more simple, Jimi.
Legend was born

They are three of the band Jimi Hendrix Experience and legendary. That happened in October 1966. While Hendrix's where the real career was just starting. Their first appearance is when the opening of the French singer Johnny Hallyday who gig at the Paris Olympia on 18th same month.

But for the sake of appearances in Paris, Hendrix requires a more powerful equipment. He needs a bigger amp with a stronger power. So, Chandler had sold two of his bass Fender Precision --- and --- Gibson EB to buy a Supro Marshall who later became his trademark Hendrix.

A month later they were --- for the first time since bertrio --- entered the studio. They recorded the song 'Stone Free' and the creation of Hendrix 'Hey Joe' by Billy Roberts, and never sung by Tim Rose. Both songs are worked out at De Lane Lea Studios, London.

Unfortunately while they still offer quiet gig. While they must pay to live and studio rental. Once again, Chandler had to give up his bass collection. This time a Fender Jazz Bass and a Fender Precision dilego. He was determined, this sacrifice must produce something great in the future.

The hope that little by little began to materialize. In November they played for four days in the Big Apple Club, Munich, Germany. Paid 300 pounds, they began to pay to live. And Chandler continue trying to be Jimi Hendrix Experience more coverage in the press.

Hendrix et al. had the opportunity first press conference on the 25th of that month, too. Located in the club Bag O 'Nails, London, they show their usual repertoire bring. Including, of course, 'Hey Joe' and 'Stonefree'. Positive response to the press their appearance.

Entering December, Hendrix signed a four-year contract with Yameta Company, an artist management company. Finally, the first single 'Hey Joe' was released by Polydor after previously rejected by Decca. They then appeared on three TV shows for the first time in the late 1966's.

Unfortunately the New Year's Eve 1967, they did not get the offer stage. Fortunately, Redding has a good idea. He took Hendrix and Mitchell playing in his hometown, Folkestone, a small town near London. And he who has many relatives in the city without much difficulty getting jobs.

They departed on the train in the cold weather. But it did not freeze the spirit they show in the cafe Tofts. Especially parents Noel also provide lodging for them plus the manager. Their appearance in the cafe at least Tofts was not enough to entertain themselves.

Being Great

Entered in January 1967 the situation has started to improve. Although time 'forced' to play in small clubs such as the Ram Jam and Ricky Tick, they still often have the opportunity to appear at the Scotch of St.Thomas and 7 ½ Club. Even sometimes in the club, located in White Horse Street, Mayfair, London, the appearance seen by famous musicians such as Paul McCartney, Pete Townsend and Mick Jagger.

Top stars turned out to be like him. They often tell the press, that they were amazed at the appearance of Hendrix. And it's certainly a big advantage for publication and two sohibnya Hendrix. Because at that time, the revelation of the Beatles, The Who and the Rolling Stones are 'mandatory meal' which must be believed by music lovers around the world.

End of the month, the Jimi Hendrix Experience performed at the Saville Theater, London as the opening group The Who. These opportunities are also available upon request Townsend. Of course this is not wasted. And Hendrix was proved that they deserved to be taken into account.

Pete Townsend, who was then a guitarist with a great stage act, the evening got 'arch-rivals'. Knowing that Townsend will perform his trademark attractions such as playing guitar in the air, Hendrix made a more powerful attraction. Stay with a character like plucking the strings wear teeth, scraping the strings to the back or kicking guitar. But this time with a more aggressive style.

In February, the single 'Hey Joe' climb in the number six on the UK charts. Hendrix was more popular with a wild style.

The press also often expose it. Meanwhile, three of them went into the studio again to complete the cultivation of the full album. The album was done at Olympic Studios, Barnes, London.

Throughout the month of March that year, their European tour. Dimula in the Twenty Club in Mouscron, Belgium and the 20 Club, Lille, France and then proceed to the legendary club that also gave birth to the Beatles, Star Club in Hamburg, Germany.

Back to England, Jimi Hendrix Experience appeared on the show "Top Of The Pops" on BBC1-TV. As Kelling UK tour, they had sepanggung with Cat Steven, Walker Brothers and Engelbert Humperdinck. Jimi aggressive style could make him hurt. When he burned his guitar, his follow-up on fire. He was rushed to the hospital.

Another incident was uncomfortable when they are out playing in the New Century Hall, Manchester. They became victims of the objectives of the local police raids were minors. When going into a club, they were rejected. Noel and Mitch had withdrawn the police, they fight and get a few punches. Jimi avoid such treatment because it showed an American passport. Fortunately, the situation can be overcome because the manager intervened.

Shortly Hendrix recovered from the burn in May, the single 'Purple Haze' is released to the market. Had occupied the third step on the chart, the single was quickly followed by his first album, Are You Experienced? The album was immediately seized the attention of music lovers in the world and nangkring second position on the chart for 33 weeks.

Jimi Hendrix Experience on a tour of Europe starting in the Neue Welt, Berlin, Germany. Although the response time to shock of Germany as a cool spectator, they were impressed with the German public knowledge about them. And also continues to tour Danish, Dutch, French and Scandinavian countries.

After the initial period with a strong blues rhythm - like Satisfaction by the Stones in principle is the blues, said Keith Richard - developed a unique blend of rock music and performing arts.

The flow begins with the pop artist, Andy Warhol, who collaborated with The Velvet Underground.

And is often called the top in this period - which is also known as art rock - is The Wall by Pink Floyd, a theatrical rock show.

Sex Pistols
God Save The Queen by Sex Pistols
Sex Pistols is one of the punk rock group the most influential of the British. They were founded in 1972 as The Strand (referring to a song by Roxy Music), by Paul Cook (drums), Steve Jones (vocals), and Wally Nightingale (guitar). Also early members include Stephen Hayes (bass) and Jim Mackin (organ). confirms the presence of punk

Meanwhile another group of musicians in the early 1970s developed a punk, a pioneer of The Sex Pistols and The Clash.

One of the other streams that also evolved from a heavy metal rock with the principle of 'as soon as possible and as strong as possible. "

With pioneers Black Sabbath, this flow then rang by Deep Purple
Deep Purple was a very global one. so we all made lulled how will history of the establishment of this band. to recall the memories of this band listen to hit the already popular adalannya, Judas Priest,.
Judas Priest is one of the band's most influential heavy metal. The band was founded in 1969 in Birmingham, England by KK Downing and Ian Hill. Their classic formations including vocalist Rob Halford, guitarists KK Downing and Glenn Tipton, and bassist Ian Hill. Iron Maiden.
Iron Maiden is heavy metal music group founded in 1975 in London, United Kingdom by bassist Steve Harris. They have achieved success and influenced many other musical groups. They are also regarded as one of the bands in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. and Metallica.
Metallica was first established in Los Angeles - the United States under the name The Young of Metal Attack. A few months later the group changed its name to Metallica said to be the combination of Metal and Vodca said. Metallica's name itself is actually a proposed name for a music magazine that was stolen by Lars Ulrich before the magazine got the name.

The first is the formation Metallica Lars Ulrich (drums), James Hetfield (vocals and guitar), Lloyd Grant (guitar) and Ron Mc Govney (bass). This formation which gave birth to the first song called Hit The Light, which later signed rock compilation album Metal Massacre in 1981.

After circulating Metal Massacre, and Ron Grant resigned. Grant's position was replaced by Dave Mustaine and Ron's position was replaced Cliff Burton. This formation later in July 1982 issued a demo-album, No Life Till Leather. This demo is then brought Metallica to get an agent and then migrated to New York.

In 1983, Metallica was planning to do a short tour to several cities. Unfortunately Hetfield and Mustaine actually involved hostilities, until finally Mustaine out and later founded Megadeth. Mustaine's position was replaced by Kirk Hammett, Exodus guitarist of the group. The third formation is then issued the album Kill 'Em All in May 1983.

In 1984, Metallica greater by issuing the album Ride the Lightning. This album survived 50 weeks in the Billboard Top 200. Demi facilitate their campaign also released a mini album, Jump In The Fire.

September 1985, producing an album Metallica Master Of Puppets. Back Metallica entered the Billboard Top 40 for 72 weeks. This album is certified platinum albums without a single and video.

September 27, 1986, on his way to the Scandinavian tour - the bus they were traveling crashed and Cliff Burton (bass) died. This event was hitting all the members of the band. Even Dave Mustaine of Megadeth was founded, to commemorate the death of Cliff in the song In My Darkest Hour (Megadeth Album: So far .. So Good .. So What!). October 1986, the position was replaced by Cliff Burton, Jason Newsted, the base of the group Floatsam And Jetsam.

Album ... And Justice For All outstanding September 1988. This is where Metallica started out the video clip. Their first video for the song One, the video reached number 1 on MTV. This success led to the production of video clips Cliff 'Em All a video memory for Cliff Burton.

End Metallica 1990 album was recorded. This album makes Metallica reached quadruple platinum sales and became the number one album in the U.S. and eight European countries. And the award-winning Grammy Award for Best Metal category of viewers two years in a row.

Jason Newsted base resigned from the band after a fight with James Hetfield. This dispute caused Jason Newsted more spend time with his own project. The other band members think Metallica should come first, even though at the time Metallica was a vacuum.

This group currently consisting of Lars Ulrich (drums), James Hetfield (vocals and guitar), Kirk Hammett (guitar) and Rob Trujillo (bass). Former members include Ron McGovney (bass), Dave Mustaine (guitar), Cliff Burton (bass) and Jason Newsted (bass).

Of course the role of great musicians other world can not be forgotten just like that, even though they may not be called to offer an approach entirely new.

A number of giant rockers until now still echoing, among others, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, The Queen, The Police, and Bruce Springsteen.

Entering the 21st Century, rock may be called into the beginning of indie with The Smiths from England.

Some groups are still flying the flag of rock in the 21st Century include Franz Ferdinand, The Libertines, and The Arctic Monkeys

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