Selasa, 12 Januari 2010

the story of the rock star's death

dimebag Darrel

dimebag darel, pantera metal guitarist once said, "Heavy metal is my destination.demon that offer you.demon that have feelings and souls"

dimebag died in 2004 after a fan shot him on the stage in a concert pantera.when will buried, dimebag body is put into a coffin. he was buried with the gift of holding the guitar Eddie Van Halen, was also filled coffin Judas Priest box set, EVH MXR phase 90 pedal , black Toth grin, crown royal bottle of beer, and two cans of coca cola

sid vicious

sid is very wild rocker.this bassist punk rock band sex pistols are junkie, a fighter, really likes free sex,he dating with a groupie new york nancy spungen.they are called both the "John Lennon and Yoko Ono" in the bad version.their activities everyday is sex, drugs, and conflict.

at a time nancy facial bruises because he was beaten by drunken sid.nancy so do not feel pain and think it is not penyiksaan.tragisnya, on 12 October 1978, police found the body of the stomach nancy gaping with blood splattered everywhere disebuah hotel rooms dichelsea , new york.

outside the room, sid pacing while talking, "I have killed him, I can not live without it .... he must have fallen on the knife"

Direct police held sid.proses this case the law was never completed because sid later died from a heroin overdose

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