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Ibanez is probably one of the Japanese guitar makers of the most famous. Ibanez guitar company was established in Nagoya, Japan in 1957 as a subsidiary of Hoshino Gakki, importers of Japanese musical instruments that start ibanez guitars to create their own models and variants.

Ibanez guitar at first made a copy of America's design. In the initial models including 2364, is a duplication of the famous guitar models Ampeg Dan Armstrong made of clear plastic. Ibanez guitar model 2347 is a duplicate of the 2351 model is very similar to Gibson Les Paul model, and model 2348 is an almost perfect duplicate of the non-reverse model Gibson Firebird. Variant copy of the successful model created by Ibanez guitar so well is almost comparable to the original model, and this allows companies to sue gibson guitar guitar ibanez company will breach copyright in the year 1977. Yet strangely, the lawsuit is not aimed at the design of the guitar body ibanez similar to gibson guitar design, but intended for the design of the guitar ibanez headstock and then completed the trial in 1978. This spurred the company to introduce ibanes guitar's design own ibanez guitars.

Some of the design is "the destroyer", the design of this model is similar to exlporer gibson guitar design with the addition on the shape and Ibanez's classic pointed headstock. Model "the artist" uses a more traditional form with two short cutaways of the same magnitude and changes in the headstock to avoid copyright problems. Model "the rocket roll" is a duplication of the model of Gibson Flying V guitar, but Ibanez uses "pointed headstock" and without "scratchplate". While the model "The Iceman" has a unique design model and unusual. By using the model Gibson Explorer with "cut-down-left-hand side, a unique notch in the base and a large cutaway on right hand horn that allows access to a higher fret. In the first model "the destroyer" is available with two or three humbucking pickups, a model of "the artist" only with two humbucking pickups, and "The Iceman" with two humbuckers or the Ibanez pickup design with 3 coils. Model "The Iceman" and model "the artist" was still in the range of ibanez guitars and even until the year 2008.

Group 80s saw many improvements in the range of ibanez guitars and then add "status" on the guitar ibanez. The company is a pioneer and chairman of Exponent of "the superstart", a model that is still popular until today. model "superstart" is a model but in Stratocasater Fender special design for heavy metal guitarist. At that time, only tidah Ibanez guitars are developing this model. Several other companies such as Jackson and Chavel also contribute. In terms of visual, "superstrat" is a normal stratocaster without scratchplate, longer, pointed horns, and deeper cutaways. This model also has a 24-fret, Floyd Rose tremolo system and three pickups.

The main line of "superstrat" on guitar ibanez is a model "RG". This guitar was first introduced in 1985 and later joined by "The saber" with a relatively similar form but with a less pointed horns, and a slim body design that may even be a guitar thinnest ever produced. In the late 1980s, collaborating with guitar Ibanez Steve Vai talented guitarist who had previously joined Whitesnake, David Lee Roth's solo band, and his own Solo. Steve Vai has lost his favorite custom guitar "Chavel Guitar" stolen. So he needed a new guitar. Steve Vai and Ibanez managed to design superstrat with 24 fret, the aforementioned pickup configuration and grab handles on the body by Vai known as Mongkey grip. He also designed and ibanez 7 string guitar called "the Universe".

Another artist who has worked with Ibanez and release of historical models including Paul Gilbert PGM signature model, Joe Satriani JS Signature model, Herman Li and Sam Totman to the E-Gen and STM models, as well as Apex Munky signature model

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