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Metallica was first established in Los Angeles - the United States under the name The Young of Metal Attack. A few months later the group changed its name to Metallica said to be the combination of Metal and Vodca said. Metallica's name itself is actually a proposed name for a music magazine that was stolen by Lars Ulrich before the magazine got the name. Cliff Burton (the bassist) died in a bus crash 27/9/1986, his position was replaced by James Newsted, the bassist of the group Floatsam and Jetsam.

James Hetfield

Real Name: James Alan Hetfield

Place / Date of Birth: Downey, Los Angeles / August 3, 1963

Official Website: http://www.metallica.com/Band/james.asp

Style Game: Metal Trash

Group Band now: Metallica

Musical influences: Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Aerosmith, AC / DC, UFO, Blue Oyster Cult.

The Used Guitar: ESP Flying-V, ESP Deerskull Custom Inlay Explorer ESP Custom Black Explorer with Diamond Plate, ESP Custom Black & White, Pin Stripe Les Paul, etc..

Guitar Pick: Dunlop Custom Nylon Picks

Amps: Mesa Boogie 4x12 Speaker Cabinet, 2xMesa Boogie Strategy 400 power Amplifiers

In the early 80s, when the world hit by heavy metal bands featuring make-up as one jualannya, James Hetfield suddenly appeared with a group who would be king Worldwide Metal music. Its presence is restore the appearance of heavy metal musicians as before. Only with jeans and faded shirts, Metallica managed to seize attention.

James began to seriously study the guitar when he was still in high school. Music that inspired the music of the 70s rock band years. He had formed a band, but nothing serious and immediately disbanded only a short time later.

Through an advertisement in the newspaper, James met Lars Ulrich who was to form a band, band-oriented heavy metal band from England. Having a unified vision and mission, James and Lars finally agreed to form Metallica. This formation is further strengthened by Clif Burton (bass), and Dave Mustaine (guitar), while James himself on vocals and guitar, Lars Ulrich on drums.

Initially the band was only playing in the underground. Soon after starting to get a recording contract. Dave Mustaine out was replaced by Kirk Hammett. Formation of these two players felt more sangar where James Hetfiled successful game show features his own guitar. He played a technique that will be successfully used by the band-band hard. James always plays on the area and make 6 string picking while holding the base of the guitar strings at the bridge with the palm of his hand. This technique is called power chords.

Although he played the guitar while singing, but it did not reduce the quality of his guitar playing. Besides singing and playing guitar ritem, James is also proficient in guitar soloing and composing. One of the most popular song among listeners of non-metal music is the song "Nothing Else Matters" is written in a Metallica tour. The song was created just for himself, but instead associates others asked him to enter into a Metallica album to be released.

His expertise in music and a very large contribution to the character of the guitar factory Metal, ESP to hire James as one of the artists users.
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