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Before the presence of Nirvana, alternative rock music is still considered one eye, but thanks to Kurt together his band, Nirvana, this one rock flows so one of the phenomenal flow, especially fitting launched Nirvana's legendary album "Nevermind" the extraordinary acclaim , the outside is usually to the point known as the pioneer Nirvana Grunge flow.

Kurt (20 Februari1967, Aberdeen, Washington) since childhood actually've showed musical talent apart from that, he also likes sports, art, and painting. Classical problem of the family in America: divorce, Yup! since their parents divorced Kurt, Kurt like a loud whip the time when new age 9 years. Especially when both are either the father or mother had received their respective successors, Kurt was really mad and did not receive that makes him so sullen, closed, and like a rockstar most: wild!!. Because such a deep hatred of his parents, Kurt dragged into drugs, because his addiction was to the point that he prefers to leave school (not emulated).
Out of school, Kurt was serious in 1 road: Rock that passes though the road is not easy but Kurt still firmly defended his chosen path is, congratulations! It's just for promo albums, Nirvana to the point that has to travel hundreds (even thousands) of miles! not only that, applause from the audience was far from the word "commensurate" with the sacrifice given.

But everything changed when the birth of the 2nd album was "Nevermind" was released in September 1991, successfully won the billboard charts, shifting pop legends, Michaeljackson.

Success, Kurt began to try to settle down as Courtney Love, love, actually penikahan is the worst choice in life kurt. After getting married, addicted to anything haraam Kurt called Heroin really crazy, he often preached even to the extent Overdose Nirvana concert in America should be postponed.

Then there was the most awful event in the history of grunge, Kurt escaped from a hospital in Los Angeles, where he was treated. While taking drugs Kurt enter a gun into his mouth and DAR!! a bullet through his head ....... a tragic end. Some say that his death was caused by a sense of despair because they can not escape from his addiction to illegal drugs consumed since (probably) age + / - 10 years. (See death rockstar)

Though dead, Grunge is not dead ... as long as there is playing Grunge, Kurt was then still alive (hiii) at least in our minds.

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